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This plugin allows to handle data, attached to Grasshopper geometries analogous to Attribute User Text that can be set to rhinoObjects. Inkbeagle Data objectifies data and geometries into inkObjects on which basic operations such as filtering, evaluating expressions and sorting can be performed, fully based on Grasshopper's native data types. Furthermore various methods are included to import and export the inkObjects as a file to and from Grasshopper.

Current version: 2.1.3
Written for Grasshopper for Rhino 7 SR30 for Windows.
Developer: Lennert Loos

Install with food4RhinoOr by the PackageManager command in Rhino.

The plugin is based on the basic idea of the Objectify plugin as published by ranjeethmahankali on food4Rhino. Parts of the initial code are used in the development of Inkbeagle Data.

Some GUI extensions are taken from the Karamba3DUIWidgets and modified where needed. More information about Karamba3d and the Karamba3DUIWidgets can be found here and here.