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Very basic operations can be executed on inkObjects or a list of inkObjects. Example files are provided to show the components' behaviour.

Evaluate Export

The Evaluate component allows to execute basic expressions similar to the native Grasshopper components Expression and Evaluate. Evaluate can be used to solve expression syntax and return numeric or string values as the output or to perform conditional evaluations that will return a boolean value. The key names of the inkObjects used as input can be used directly in the expression to be evaluated. For more information about the use of expressions, we refer to this YouTube tutorial and this topic on the McNeel discourse.


Dispatch Dispatch

Just as a conditional expression can be evaluated by returning a true or false value by using the Evaluate component, the Dispatch component will filter a list of inkObjects based on the expression evaluted with the inkObjects key values. The provided expression must be conditional and return a boolean true or false value.


Sort by Key Sort by Key

This component sorts a list of inkObjects based on the value of the specified key. Only numeric values are allowed to use as the key to be sorted. When a particular inkObject from the list does not contain the specified key, this inkObject will be omitted from the sorted output list.


Sorting based on string values

Currently not supported.

inkObjects of different structure

When the input list of inkObjects contains objects of different structure, the unique intersection of key names will be showed in the drop down menu to sort the inkObjects. In other words, only the key names that appear in all the provided inkObjects will be available to sort the inkObjects based on the corresponding values.

Search by Value Search by Value

By right-clicking the key name below the inkObject input, you can choose from the context menu a named key. You can then connect any value (string, point3d, integer, boolean...) to this input for which you want to look up corresponding inkObjects. Only the chosen key will be compared. When more than one match occurs, all matching inkObjects will be returned as a list.


Group by Structure Group by Structure

When dealing with lists of multiple inkObjects, they might contain different keys. In other words, the structure of these inkObjects is different. This component allows to group a list of inkObjects by their structure. For each unique structure, an output parameter is automatically created that will return inkObjects with the same structure of defined key names.